Dispute Resolution

Having been in the field of Labour Relations since 1984, one of Mike Miles’ areas of expertise falls within the domain of Conflict Resolution in the Workplace, either on an individual or collective basis.  Formerly a Magistrate in the Civil and Criminal Courts in Zimbabwe where he grew up, Mike Miles was also a Part–Time Commissioner with the CCMA (Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration) since its operational inception in 1997 until 2007 and presided over hundreds of conciliations and arbitrations at all levels.

He is available as an independent mediator or arbitrator to resolve collective disputes through conciliation or to arbitrate on alleged unfair dismissals or other disputes of rights.  This is often convenient for parties who want to expedite the matter rather than await lengthy time delays at other dispute forums and yet achieve a professional and qualified outcome of the matter.

Mike Miles has also been involved in a number of negotiations for clients and has presented training courses on Negotiation Skills for many years.  He is available to assist with analysing negotiation processes and advise on impasses and means to break them. Parties who have experienced long term relationship problems between unions and management might require help on Relationship Building or Relationship by Objectives Programmes.

Mike Miles is also available to advise on dealing with difficult employees whose mannerisms, attitudes or styles in the workplace are often incompatible with the values and ethics of the employer or management.

Mike Miles has a credible record of resolving internal disputes at all levels within the workplace environment with an amicable and conclusive outcome.